About Us


Our Philosophy

“Our philosophy” is to Bring Out The Brilliance In You! We recommend at this point and junction in your life to start the process with U!  Over the years we have learned, “brilliance” waits to surface and in some instances is triggered by a significant “event”, “realisation” or “process” unlocking true genius potential within!

Using proven methods, knowlegde and expertise we direct you through our carefully crafted pathways, designed especially with you in mind.  It does not stop there; once we have set you on your path, we are there to guide you every step of the way!


Our Story

With over 55 years of joint experience and experise, we welcome the opportunity to help you find your passion to create a brilliant life for you and ultimately your family!

Meet the Team

Patricia Pollock


Life Style Coach

Patricia’s background in education spans over fifteen years of finding creative responses to support children and teenagers with special educational needs to overcome barriers to learning and in many instances, provide strategies to engage in positive and meaningful peer relationships. Patricia finds working in this environment both interesting and rewarding and saw a need to offer similiar programs to adults seeking solutions in personal development, coupled with lifestyle coaching to guide individuals towards a journey of growth and self discovery.


Carlo Ottenello


Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer

Carlo trained formerly as a teacher but later found his real passion was exploring fitness and health techniques such as Body Weight Training, High Intensity Interval Training, ABS and Core Training Workout, Weight Loss and so much more to take care of the body.  He went on to study at university level to become a Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer.  He now enjoys travelling the world to expand his knowledge base to consult and promote excellent health to individuals; ready and willing to adopt the right attitudes to nutrition, exercise and well being!


Chris Brown

Business Development


Business Development Consultant

Chris started out as a coal miner but decided to turn his hands to business! He realized he had a natural ability of “seeing the numbers”, venturing into successful business ventures to create small fortunes for himself and his family!  He now travels to different parts of the UK and abroad to coach small business owners to do the same!

Whatever your need is, we have a solution to,“Bring out the Brilliance in You!”