L-Arginine and Cardiovascular Support


In 1998 extensive studies into L-Arginine and its effects on the cardiovascular system earned its researches the Nobel Prize for physiology for medicine.

Since then further studies and research on the workings of L-Arginine have moved onto different levels of understanding and its effects on the brain, kidneys, liver and sugar levels.

The 25 active ingredients within Salustra complement each other and work in harmony with your body. Several of these ingredients support the nitric oxide flow within the body allowing other ingredients to work more efficiently in their own areas.

Over several years through our own research and studies incorporating testing and analysing the cardiovascular system and blood analysis, there has been numerous redevelopment of this product in order to achieve the best results with every individual.

Studies have shown that by taking this product you can get a high influx of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help to reduce free radicals damage and oxidative damage in the body allowing the nitric oxide to move freely to the arteries and the heart.

We have added Vitamin C and E to help with balancing the adrenal glands. We noted that if people were suffering from adrenal fatigue that the nitric oxide was not as potent in supporting the cardiovascular system.

The introduction of Octocosanol was for a number of purposes. Firstly, to carry more oxygen into the artery wall. Secondly, to create a slight expansion in the artery to allow the nitric oxide to pass through and penetrate into the artery wall and heart.

The inclusion of Alpha-lipoic acid can help with numbness in the legs and arms as it has been used in the medical profession for diabetes and nerve-related symptoms of diabetes. Taurine, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Potassium have all been added to support your heart and increase your energy levels.

Salustra has a symbiotic relationship between all of the ingredients that works with each individual’s needs. Taking this product can support better cardiovascular health, boost levels of anti-oxidants, drive better blood supply throughout the body, assist recovery in training and an overall positive effect on one’s mental and physical energy.



• The formula repairs the overall cardiovascular system and gets it working stronger and more efficiently.

• Regulates blood pressure, central pulse pressure, and central aortic systolic pressure.

• Brings back the flexibility into the arteries.

• Rectifies irregular heartbeat.

• Energy ‐ physical and mental.

• Recovery from training.

• Higher blood flow to the nervous system/ repairs nervous system.

• Better circulation.

• Creates energy in the heart.

• Improved muscle flexibility.

• Re absorbs calcification back into the bone.

• Huge volume of antioxidants.


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