Quick & Nutritious Meals Made by Students

Where’s the kitchen?

I was never one for the kitchen and use to play deaf, keep myself busy or volunteer to wash up when deciding with friends what to eat next!

I found the whole thinking and choosing a meal thing needing far too much effort and attention on my part and I just wasn’t into it! In my mind it was so overly complicated and as a result kept me trapped in a never ending loop of selecting basic meal receipes, dining at my favourite eateries (quite expensive-hence rotation), playing dodgems with friends so I didn’t have to cook or as a last resort quickly grabbing some “Junk Food!”  When would it end!

Here’s the thing, I never thought about an actual end until my “eureka moment!” which is what I’m about to share with you here.


The change came about on another one of those times it was my turn to choose a meal again.  It was in that instant I changed from ” Can’t Cook! to Can cook! Will Cook! It’s Easy! by deciding to select a broader range of simple meals and learning to cook them myself!  How hard could it be?  Other family members and friends were already doing it!

“Why not me!”

Gosh! This way of thinking was exciting for me because it opened up a whole new world of cooking possiblitites and it also meant I didn’t have to make any more excuses or entertain feelings of doubt when having thoughts of what to cook. The table had certainly turned! I could cook for them! 15 minute meals.



 Can’t cook! Will Cook! It’s Easy!


Step 1 – Select 10 receipes from each group below (10 groups x 10 receipes = 100 meals)

This will give you 100 meals to cook over 2 sesmesters (see below)


Step 2 – Select A Receipe


 1-10 Fifteen Minute Meals

Group Meal Ingredients Supermarket
Chicken Curry Chicken Chicken, curry  Asda
Meat Steak & chips chips, beef Waitrose
Ground Meat Spagetti bolognese lamb mince Sainsburys
Fish Salmon, Potatoes, green beans Salmon, small potatoes, green beanns Local Market
Pasta Macroni & Cheese Cheese sauce, cheese, pasta, red peppers Lidl
 Pizza Piada Pizza  Speck, mozzarella chese, tortilla  Aldi
Wrap Lamb & Vegetables lamb chops, carrots, onions Morrisons
Soup Red Bean Soup red beans, vegetable stock, garlic, onions Icelands
 Sausages  Sausage & Mash  Sausage, onions, Potatoes,


 Sandwiches  BLT  Bacon, lettucce, bread, cheese  Asda



Step 3 -Gather Ingredients

Step 4 – Cook Meal

Step  5 – Eat & Enjoy

In my next post I will show you how to access 100 done for you meals and recipes along with cooking instructions.

Can’t cook! Will Cook! It’s Easy!


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